About Meggles Knits

I'm Meghan the maker behind Meggles Knits. 

I learned to knit when I was 10 years old and had an on again off again relationship with it through my teens.  It wasn't until college when a supervisor at my summer job brought in a pair of hand knit socks that sparked the fire that would lead to Meggles Knits.  Under her watchful eye, and many youtube videos my knitting grew from simple garter stitch scarves to hats, blankets, cables, sweaters and the ever elusive hand knit sock.  I was hooked.  

Knitting was my passion.  No matter my day or mood I could always turn to knitting.  Happy, knit a bit.  Tired, knit a bit.  Sad, knit even more.  I even began to amass a yarn stash and could often be found lingering just for an extra second or two to squish, cuddle or smell a skein anytime I passed by.  
Flashing forward to 2014, the year of Meggles Knits inception.  I had just given birth to my first child, as well as returned to work after a to short maternity leave.  Balancing life as a mom/wife as well as working did not come easy.  I felt exhausted, and more than just the happy bliss of no sleep associated with raising a tiny human.  This exhaustion was deeper, as I felt myself bringing home the stress of my day job.  Even in those wonderful moments with my daughter I could feel myself being weighed down.  
As I had so many times before I turned to knitting.   I finished a hand knit heirloom Christmas stocking for my daughters first Christmas.  I moved on to knit her a hand knit blanket; her second, possibly third created at my hand.  Undeterred I continued on to a a beautiful hand knit sweater.  The more I knit the lighter I felt.  This was it, my passion and with that Meggles Knits was created.  Not only a creative outlet to share my passion to with others, but a way to show my daughter you can follow your dreams through hard work.  Four years later I am now working even harder to share my passion with all of you, as well as my three daughters.  I strive to teach them the importance of passion, hard work and perseverance.  Thank you for your support.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!